57 Editioned cans and 3 Artist’s Proofs

In this multiple, I have reduced or distilled each masterpiece down to simple instructions which by themselves would be enough to capture the form and content of the work. To ensure that they are truly complete I have added the intangible element of the artist’s breath to each can.

The instructions for 57 artistic masterpieces and 3 artist proofs are printed on archival canvas. Within each can, the canvas guideline are preserved and surrounded by the ‘breath of the artist’ and both are held within the boundary of the can.

Each work is preserved and contained within the can and can be either consumed or kept on the shelf for posterity. To get the full benefit it’s important not to let the artist’s breath escape.

The label of the can gives relevant detail of the canning of each masterpiece but the identity of the masterpiece in each can is not stated on the label.