1a. Messenger detailPhilip Barnes ARCA (b1959) is an MA fine art graduate of the Royal College of Art (2002) now based in Devon in the South-west of England.

He has exhibited in the UK and overseas but is largely known for his conceptual work in a wide range of media.

Philip has a degree in Environmental Science (1981) and had lengthy careers in the coal mining industry and engineering before studying art in his late 30s. After graduating from the RCA he taught Critical Studies for artists and designers and then embarked on other ventures living and working in France, mediation and working for the Environment Agency.

Philip returned to his art in 2013 and has developed a body of expressive paintings which reflect his ‘unconscious mind’ and his desire to express the personal in a universal way. This website shows a number of Philip’s paintings and an explanation of his processes which you will find interesting.